Bright weather application

Update coming soon!

Hi there! Lately we've noticed several bugs that came out after the update to ios7. Those are mainly related to metrics display. Our team is now hardly working ti fix them and the new update is scheduled to be available for download within a couple of weeks. If you happen to notice other bugs, we'll be grateful for your feedback which can be left here. Cheers!

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We've been out for several days due to extreme workload, but those have been very pruductive indeed, we've received loads of feedback from you, secondly we've managed into tops and last but not least we've got several reviews:

Also our iphone version is on givaway, any one can get a promo code from here

Thank you all! Have a bright weather!

Idol Forecast team 

We've got another one for our weather app, thanks Terry and and team!


Idol Forecast Team