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  • Kenninsope, 23 Jun 2017

  • Sailipflome, 17 May 2017

  • budpostachZit, 21 Mar 2017

  • Lindsay Reilly, 26 Mar 2016

  • Charles Sagler, 09 Jun 2014

  • Charles Sagler, 31 Jan 2014

    Hi! Please follow these steps: 1. Tap home button, 2. in the search field type cros, us 3. Tap search button on device key board 4. Scroll down till you find La Crosse, WI, US. Please write us back in case you fail or succeed.

  • Charles Sagler, 07 Jan 2014

    Hi Charles, We've checked, and your location is already in our database, please refer to the following screenshot If you cannot find it please follow the instructions in the previous answer. Have a great day!

  • Sophie, 17 Nov 2013

    Hi Sophie! Thanks for downloading and using our app! We've checked your request and it seems that your town is in our database. Here's a screenshot Following is a brief instruction how to add your city (Lincoln, NE): 1) Tap the "home" button. 2) Enter your city name. 3) After your city name type "," (comma sign) and type US. 4) Tap, hold and scroll within results to choose your location.

  • Michelle, 08 Nov 2013

    Hi, Michelle! You can change metrics settings easely, here's the video instruction Cheers,

  • Michael Burks, 28 Jul 2013

    Hi Michael! Thanks for your feedback! A person form our team will contact you shortly, after we find the problem we'll post the solution here, so others can handle it too. Regards,

  • Michael, 05 Jul 2013

    Hi Michael! Thanks for a great suggestions we'll implement different precipitations' density icons in one of our next updates. Also Thanks for appreciation! Please spread the word! :)

  • Krista Ryan, 21 Jun 2013

    Hi Krista, Sorry for keeping you so long with a reply. First of all we would like to thank your feedback. Your city will be added in the next update which is expected in a couple of weeks, until then we'll contact you in private to see if there's any how we can compensate. Regards, Idol forecast team

  • Mark, 15 Jun 2013

    Hi, Mark! Thanks for asking, we are now examining the iOS market, most probably we will make an adaptation for Android also. Please follow us on social networks for more news and updates. Regards, Idol Forecast team

  • David Myler , 12 Jun 2013

    Hi David, It seems that you're device cannot support the app's graphics and we apologize for that! Please claim your refund on itunes app store: here are several articles how to do so: and Please keep us updated, in case Apple will not refund you we'll find a way to do so. And also accept our sincerest apologies! Regards, Idol Forecast

  • Alexei, 09 Apr 2013

    Hi, yes please expect the new release within a couple of weeks!

  • Bruce, 07 Apr 2013